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Upper Peninsula Middle School Association Conference

Friday, October 11, 2002

Bothwell Middle School, Marquette, MI

Keynote Speaker: Elliot Soloway

"Technology in the Classroom: What is REALLY Takes!"




1- STAMP OUT STUDENT APATHY! Toss a little dynamite into your classroom. The teachers will present several ideas for classroom management within the traditional seventh grade setting. Utilizing little money but plenty of creativity, props and drive, these "Drama Mamas" will leave you with several "pearls" that you can try in your own classroom, whatever your discipline. Their motto: "No Guts, No Glory!"

2- "WHAT’S UP WITH THE SECOND FLOOR?" The presenters are part of the energetic teaching staff who created two thematic units for the middle school environment. Their cross-curriculum approach to learning, resulted in "Backpacking through Europe" and "WMS-Down Under." Come prepared to create your own rucksack and toss your own boomerang. If you are very sincere, they may even share their Vegamite with you!


1- Irene and Shannon, teachers

Calumet M.S.


2- John, Julie, Margie, Darrell, Serenity, teachers

Calumet M.S.





3- Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. What is it? More importantly, how can school personnel understand and work effectively with the students and families who struggle with this disability? This session will give you up to date information and strategies.

4- Adolescent Substance Abuse: Learn about warning signs of substance abuse, how to approach students and parents with your concerns, how to access services if a problem is identified, how to support and encourage students in treatment and other related topics.

5- Building Computers with Sixth Graders: During the 2001-02 school year I received a MEEMIC grant to buy parts to build two Celeron 900 computers. You can undertake a project like this to increase the amount of affordable computers in your room and school.

6- Stepping "Outdoors" into the Classroom: Science based thematic unit incorporating local resources, on-site investigation, supported by language arts and social studies activities.

7- Superiorland Counselors Meeting: Quarterly meeting of Superiorland Counselors

8- From Management to Mission: Effective professional development is on-going, and organized around collaborative problem solving; the link between staff development and student achievement is intuitively strong and methodologically challenging. In a time where budgets are being cut and professional development opportunities dwindling, site based programs become essential. In this presentation, learn how to turn staff meetings into fun and meaningful PD opportunities, where everyone can move From Management to Mission.


3- Karen Twa

Marquette General Hospital

4- Carroll Ann Swanson Pat Lynott

Marquette General Hospital-Outpatient Behavioral Health

5- Jay Maki, teacher

Rudyard Middle School

6- Frank Holes, Jr., Terry Keenan, Carolyn Sackett, Dave Hare, teachers

Inland Lakes M.S.

7- Don Mourand

8- Michele Ackerman


Cheboygan M.S.





9- Aspiring to be a School Administrator. An informative session on what it entails to be a school administrator in the 21st Century. Detailed handouts and an informal questions and answer session on any educational issues audience wishes to address.

10- The "Nuts and Bolts" of Communicating with Parents: Winning Support and Working through Conflict. This session will provide strategies for successful written, verbal, and face-to-face contacts with parents. Topics will include: how to redirect focus when the discussion becomes "heated," the importance of language, avoiding blame, mutual problem solving, when to involve others, and designing communication systems.

11- Academic Service Learning. ASL is a teaching methodology that utilizes community service as a means of helping students to gain deeper understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, and engage in civic activity. Learn how to become involved and how Northern Michigan University can help.

12- Stress: Letting Go to Hold on. There is evidence that teaching is the most stressful of all professions. In this workshop we will explore causes of stress among educators, how its effects are manifested, and way to prepare for and manage stress.

13- World Religions. Representatives of the Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Moslem faiths will each explore the major contributions their religion has given to the world civilization.


9- Tom Jayne


Gwinn Middle School

10- Sue Grenier, Prinicipal

John Rose,

Asst. Principal

Seneca M.S.

11- John Mallo

Grad Assistant

Northern Michigan University

12- Dr. John Bayerl


Northern Michigan University

13- Dr. Rodney Clarken and other representatives

From Interfatih Forum.





14- Are We Too Serious? The Role of Humor in Our Work. There is much about humor that we do understand yet, it is all around us and we can learn to use it often and wisely in our personal and professional lives. We will explore the possibilities in this workshop.

15- A Picture Book Is Worth a Thousand Words. Participants will examine ways to use picture books to enhance children’s writing and engage them in meaningful responses.

16- Piloting the 2003 E/LA MEAP. The presenter will share her knowledge after piloting the 2003 E/LA MEAP in her classroom.

17- Take Control of Your Bookmarks and Get Excited about the Web! Is using one computer at school and another at home giving you grief? Participants will be shown how to register for and use Internet based organizational tools to help you bridge this gap. Excite "start" pages will be the focus along with other sites that provide similar services. The bookmark tools presented will be utilized in the next session.

18- What’s on the Web and How Can I Use It! Using the tools illustrated in the previous session, participants will be shown various content sites on the Internet. Links will be available after the session so participants can explore and use them on their own.

19- Multi-Genre Research Projects They’ll Love: Research projects that fit the bill for students’ needs and district curriculum. The students produce a multi-genre project they’ll be proud of…and you will enjoy grading (really!)


14- Bill Waters, Court Jester

Theresa Hamari, Michigan State Extension Office

15- Carole Turner, teacher

Phelps M.S.

16- Carole Turner, teacher

Phelps M.S.

17- Marc Hefke, teacher

Kevin Wilson, teacher

Bothwell M.S.

18- Marc Hefke, teacher

Kevin Wilson, teacher

Bothwell M.S.

19- Suzanne Hindman

Teacher, Gwinn M.S.





20- Mood Disorders in Children: This presentation will focus on the diagnosis of depression in adolescents, specifically Season Affective Disorder, and the treatment of these disorders.

21- Teacher Technology Toolkit: After attending this session, you will have three web-based tools that you know and can use. A web-based favorites list, a teacher website and MICliMB. The Top-ten list of teacher websites will also be given with time to explore.


20- Jan N. Cools, M.D.

Psychiatric Associates of Marquette


21- Michelle Lammi, teacher

Negaunee M.S.

SESSION: Making History Come Alive
This is an integrated unit (including all subjects) that takes a textbook lesson and turns it into a real life experience. Though the emphasis was on history, this unit will demonstrate
what can be done with any subject to pique the interest of every student.

Mark Benn, Merri Rose, Bo Fletcher, Kim Monthei; teachers Inland Lakes M.S.