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Seaborg Center Science, Mathematics and Technology Conference
October 12, 2001
Onsite Registration: Seaborg Center Main Lobby 8:00 A.M.
Keynote: NMU Jamrich 102
Subsequent Sessions: G.T. Seaborg Science Complex

Help the Seaborg Center celebrate the opening of its new home within the
rebuilt Seaborg Science Complex. The Center now features significantly increased space, state-of-the-art distance learning facilities, well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, an exploration center, and a greatly expanded resource room.

This year's Fall Conference promises a host of science, mathematics, and technology experiences for classroom teachers and other educators.

The Center features education technologist Meghan Ormiston for the keynote address. Her approach to professional development is upbeat, hands-on, and always interactive. Meghan is a charismatic speaker who is comfortable in a wide spectrum of settings.

You can check the conference schedule online at

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